Sage in the Wild

Did you know that sagebrush makes up the largest interconnected habitat in America?!

Unfortunately, harvesting wild sage has become more and more common in the US. This practice is technically legal, but has contributed to the plant’s decline in many regions. In fact, Audubon Rockies estimates that about 50 percent of sagebrush habitat in the west has been decimated over the years! That's not just bad news for sage, but also for the 350 species of plants and animals that rely on sage for survival.

At SmudgeBox our mission is to honor Earth and all her people, so we take great care to only source sustainably-harvested sage. We acquire herbs (including sage, cedar, lavender, etc.) from two sources: farmers who do not use pesticides, and Indigenous peoples who harvest sage responsibly from their ancestral lands. 

This commitment to keeping wild sage wild is just one of the reasons that you can be confident that our smudge sticks are as sustainable as they are beautiful. That's our promise: to honor Earth and keep your ritual sacred.