Meet Ashley

Hello, friends!

I’m Ashley. 

My wellness journey began after I was fired from my long-time job. My spiritual and physical health hit rock bottom so I started experimenting with meditation, yoga, and journaling-- I even trained for a marathon! I felt like I was doing all the right things, but I still wasn’t feeling quite right.

Then, an unexpected and profound experience with a shamanic healer opened my eyes to how removed I had become from Earth, my community, and my feminine self. I integrated smudging into my daily meditation practice and tapped into more fragility, resilience, shame, and vibrancy than I ever imagined. 

Buddhism teaches that spirituality is a path, and that’s why I created SmudgeBox: as a stream to quench your thirst, a wildflower meadow to lift your spirits, and a hand up when the path gets rocky.

Thanks for inviting us on your journey.