Our mission: Ignite the spi[ritual] revolution

In addition to empowering Indigenous communities, we believe in healing herbs, full moon circles, meditation, and conscious consumption.

(We’re also 100% positive that the world would be a better place if everyone spent 10 minutes a day on spi[ritual] self-care.)

rooted in the power

of ritual healing

Respect and Sustainability

At SmudgeBox we offer products that respect Earth and all her people, so we only use 100% sustainably-sourced sage. Look for this hand symbol to find products that are harvested by members of the Tewa nation from their ancestral lands! We also offer sage that is farm-grown without the use of pesticides to ensure that wild sage stays wild.

Homage and Restitution

Ceremonial sage burning has been practiced by various Indigenous groups for centuries. In recent times, smudging has entered the collective conscious (including white culture), often with little regard for ancient customs. We believe that we can all craft personal, unique spi[ritual] self-care rituals while paying homage and restitution to the Indigenous cultures who first created the smudging ceremony. That’s why we donate a portion of all proceeds to the Native American Rights Fund.